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Advice from Brené Brown

on how to self manage during the global COVID-19 health crisis

Brené Brown dropped this 25 min gem of a podcast today! The entire podcast is focused on helping us understand how to shift our mindsets to help us manage this COVID 19 situation.

The highlights:
1. Settle the ball – this COVID-19 curve ball has been thrown at us and its up to us to control how we respond to it.
2. To get ourselves and our family through this situation, sit with your family (co-workers) and create a family gap plan. What needs are not being met? What are the gaps that have to be shortened. What are the ground rules as we tackle this-from sleeping, moving, eating well to agreeing on what share of the load everyone will be owing. 50/50 is not possible at all times.
3. Managing perspectives around comparative suffering. It is imperative that we all feel all our emotions fully. We don’t have to devalue what we are feeling because “someone else has it worse than us”. As a therapist that works with the body, I can tell you that suppressed feelings will eventually show up in the body!